Lisa Jansdotter Svanlund Barkestam

0707 — 52 53 52


Augustendalsvägen 24

131 52  Nacka strand







“There is beauty where you walk
the ground, the path;
the shore you are following
all seem to enlighten, to delight,
all that sees you”*





I find my inspiration within myself and in women around me, but most important, in nature.
I love the forest, the silence and peace. The comfort it gives me all around the year, in every season. The scent of soil and earth.
I am a hunter, I stride slowly, alone with my dog, in the dark woods of Northern Sweden.
Behind my back I can feel the bear watching me curiously from his hideaway.
Carefully I pass over a stream,  or in dark winter I follow a track for hours with wind and snow in my face.
I feel alive.

Out there, free from every disturbance, I form my creations.
My dreams.

Welcome to walk with me.

At the age of fifty and mother of three, I gave up a successful career as real estate broker.

I decided to set a new a path and follow only my passion and inner compass.

After going back to school, to help translate my ideas into my design, my idiom, my fashion – I have now formed my own brand Lisa Jansdotter.

With me on this journey I of course have my family and beloved husband, and also my father – Jan, who passed away ages too early, but whom always will be with me, on every step I take, as I explore my new career as a designer and creator.

Now I spend my hours sitting under the rooftop on our attic were I draw, create and stitch by stitch shape dresses for the strong, independent woman. Both bridal gowns as well as colorful dresses for the big party or red carpet premiere, but also exciting gowns for a night out or a summer feast.

I work in high quality silk fabrics, I adore how the layers of fabric feels between my fingers, and how they form a garment to make a woman feel beautiful, shining and comfortable. I work closely with my customers who can follow my work as the dress comes alive and becomes part of the bearer’s experience.

One woman, one dress.

Her dream.












*(Det blir vackert där du går by Pär Lagerkvist. Transl. Hélène Lindqvist)

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